Welcome to the SimQRi tools page

SimQRi aims at developping methods and tools for managing risk through supply chains including the procurement process, production process and possibly later delivery process. It proposes a dedicated graphical language for modelling such processes and an expressive domain specific language to express risk related queries. More information about the project, can be found on the project website: http://simqri.com

In this page, you can directly access the web interface of the software tool. You can also download the new desktop version based on Eclipse.

Web-based tool

The web-based tool only requires a recent web browser (Internet Explorer or Chrome recommanded). Your projects are stored on a server hosted in CETIC R&D centre in Belgium. You will first need to register (free). Then you will be able to
  • login/logout
  • create project as private or shared project
  • open a previously saved project (own or shared by others)
  • use a web-based editor to draw your process
  • identify main risks and specify them as queries
  • run and analyse simple (one shot) simulation to see how your system behaves
  • run Monte-Carlo simulation over the model and analyse raw output
  • analyse the simulation results in more details based on the specified risk model
  • save your project at any time

Note that although the web tool has login and accesss control, security is not totally enforced (e.g. no https encryption). We do not advise to use the tool to model sensible company processes. For this you can consider the desktop version below.

Desktop edition of the tool

The desktop edition of the tool is based on Eclipse and relies on EMF for the modelling and Sirius for the graphical editing. It directly embeds the OscaR.DES simulation engine.

In order to use the tool, you can:

You can also download the following documentation and examples:


Project examples

Report templates